Welcome to the Sherman Makerspace !


Welcome to the Sherman Center Maker Space! This is where students within Sherman Center programs and initatives can ideate and prototype using a variety of tools and equipment.  Students have access to a range of 3D printers, soldering equipment, hand tools, and power tools. The makerspace is also outfitted with more niche devices, such as a desktop CNC mill, vacuum former, and sewing machine.


The Nomad 883 Pro

This is a powerful yet compact desktop CNC mill capable of machining a wide range of plastics, wood, and soft metals like aluminum and brass. It has a cutting area of 8″ x 8″ x 3″ and a spindle speed range of 2000-10,000 RPM. The machine has a mechanical resolution of 0.005in and a mechanical accuracy of 0.05 in/ft. Max cutter diameter is 1/4″.

Mayku Formbox Vacuum Former

This tool uses plastic sheets of various thicknesses to create forms. These forms can then be used as molds to cast the shape in a material of your choice.

The Form 2

This is a desktop SLA 3D printer that bills itself as the most reliable 3D printer on the market. It has a 145mm x 145mm x 175mm build volume and an x-y-z axis accuracy of +/- 240um. It uses a 405nm ultraviolet laser and a 250mW laser to cure liquid resin into solid parts. This machine can print in a variety of material types, with each material type having a set range of z-axis layer-heights. For instance, Grey resin can print at 160um, 100um, 50um, and 25um layer height while Tough resin prints at 100um and 50um layer height.

The Prusa MK2.5S

This is a versatile FDM 3D printer with a heated build platform. It has a build volume of 25 cm x 21 cm x 20 cm. Layer height ranges from 0.05mm to 0.3mm. It is capable of printing in a wide range of filaments including ABS, PLA, PET, and Nylon. Accepted filament diameter is 1.75mm.


Location :

Sherman Makerspace 

010 Hayden Hall

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